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Immunization Record Request Form

Fargo Cass Public Health is pleased to offer the Immunization Record Request Form for your convenience. Contact the Fargo Cass Public Health Immunization Program at 701.241.1360 with any questions.

Flu Vaccine Image

Flu Vaccine

Because of COVID-19, reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses, like the flu, is especially important this fall and winter. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) currently recommends getting the flu vaccine before the end of October, but getting the vaccine anytime during flu season can help protect you.

At this time, Fargo Cass Public Health will administer the flu vaccine for clients who will be receiving additional immunizations. Stand-alone appointments for flu shots are not currently available.

Residents should contact their healthcare provider or pharmacy to ask about the flu vaccine. Contact for area health systems is below:

Find information about flu shots at Sanford health here:

Find information about flu shots at Essentia health here:


Fargo Cass Public Health offers the following immunizations:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis
  • Polio
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Chicken pox
  • Prevnar 13
  • Pneumovax
  • Meningococcal
  • Meningococcal B (Bexsero)
  • HPV-9
  • Shingles
  • Hib (for children only)

Personalize your child's immunization schedule Ages 0-6

Immunization Schedule Ages 7-18

Adult Immunization Schedule

North Dakota law states that a child may not be admitted to any public or private school, day care, Head Start program or preschool unless the child’s parent or guardian shows proof that the child has received the required immunizations. If your child has immunization exemptions, please submit an exemption form.

We offer the Vaccine for Children (VFC) program. Those children who qualify for VFC must be 18 years of age or younger and Native American, Medicaid eligible or uninsured

To schedule an appointment or for information on vaccine pricing, call 701.241.1383 ext. 3. For immunization questions, call 701.241.8189.

Vaccination Forms

The first two forms below can be printed prior to arriving to FCPH to receive an influenza vaccination:

Influenza Consent & HIPAA, Billing 2020

Influenza - What you need to know (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Notice of Privacy Practices 2020