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Know Your Neighborhood

Want to know how many people live in your neighborhood or when it became part of the city? How about where to vote or what school district you are in? The "know your neighborhood" pages will help you learn more about Fargo neighborhoods.

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How do you establish a neighborhood boundary?

For an area to truly be a neighborhood, it must be a place with which people identify. North of I-94 in Fargo, the elementary school attendance boundaries form a natural delineation of neighborhoods. South of I-94, subdivisions tend to be better approximations of "neighborhood identity." While these areas tend to be rather large in both physical geography and population, they are a good starting point for the initiation of neighborhood planning efforts.

Each macro-neighborhood is made up of many micro-neighborhoods—smaller areas of the neighborhood that have a unique identity and/or commonality. For a neighborhood planning process to be a success, it is important to involve people from the entire area. It is the interaction between groups that gives each neighborhood its unique identity.