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Horace Mann

The Horace Mann neighborhood became part of the city in the years prior to 1949. This neighborhood contains two National Register Historic Districts. It is predominately residential and is bordered by the city’s downtown to the south. The Red River, which includes a number of the region's favorite trails, parks and recreational fields, makes up the eastern border of the neighborhood.

The Oak Grove school campus and park areas are located in the southeast corner of the neighborhood. There is an active association, the Horace Mann Area Neighborhood Association. The neighborhood is named after Horace Mann Elementary School, established in 1915, and located on 3rd Street and 10th Avenue South.

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Fargo Planning Dept

Median age of owner-occupied homes: 1927 (1880–1989)

Annexed into city: 1921–1949 (original townsite)