Commercial Building Plans & Permitting Guide

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Commercial Building Plan Review and Permitting Guide

This is an overview of the commercial building plans and permitting process. Overall time required depends on the quality of plans and the number of resubmittals required prior to approval. Reviews for specific items are conducted by the Inspections, Planning and Development, Engineering, Fire and Fargo Cass Public Health departments.

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Step 1

Pre-Application Meeting

A voluntary information meeting to discuss conceptual designs. Call the Planning and Development Department at 701.241.1474 to set up a meeting. Some designs may also require a Public Hearing; this can be determined during this step.

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Step 2

New Project Submittal

Plans are submitted to the Inspections Department. Inspections then routes plans to the Engineering, Planning and Development, Fire and Fargo Cass Public Health departments for review.

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Step 3

Technical Reviews

Each receiving department reviews specific items in the submittal. Review comments are compiled and returned to the designer/owner.

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Step 4

Review Response

The applicant's team modifies the design to address the comments received from City staff members. The revisions are resubmitted through the Inspections Department.

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Step 5

Resubmittal Review

Staff will review the applicant's resubmittal and comment again or approve the plan. If there are additional comments, the plan returns to Step 2.

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