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Step 1: Pre-Application Meeting

This meeting is a voluntary meeting. It is intended to provide architects, developers, engineers and owners with answers to site-plan questions before a lot of time is spent developing a plan that may not be acceptable. The Pre-Application meeting is set-up through the Planning and Development Department at 701.241.1474.

Who: Developers, owners, architects, engineers or anyone else related with a project will meet with representatives from the City of Fargo Inspections, Planning and Development, Engineering, Fire and Fargo Cass Public Health departments (as required).

What: Review preliminary/concept plans. Any development-related documents (plans, schematic drawings, etc.) should be provided to the City in advance and brought to the meeting for discussion.

When: Scheduled meetings on Tuesday mornings or by appointment to have a pre-application meeting is suggested. An appointment is required to allow City staff time to prepare for the meeting.

Where: Generally conducted at City Hall but can be held elsewhere if needed.

Why: To save time in the overall permitting process by minimizing errors in site development, determining pros and cons of various site-planning options and educating designers, owners and developers regarding City requirements. This meeting is also intended to be a forum for discussing timing of those projects potentially requiring development entitlements such as subdivision or zoning approvals.

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