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Reviewing Plans for Compliance: Department's Roles

Reviews for specific items are conducted by the Inspections, Planning & Development, Engineering, Fire and Fargo Cass Public Health Departments.

See below for more detailed descriptions of each Department’s review portfolio.


Reviews compliance with the most current, City of Fargo adopted, building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and energy codes.

Planning & Development

Reviews compliance with the City of Fargo Land Development code, including zoning items such as land-use, setbacks, landscaping and parking requirements.


Compliance with current engineering standards to included underground public utilities; easements, property lines and encroachments; flooding and elevation issues; site grading and storm water treatment; erosion and sediment control during and post construction; pavement and sidewalks; and any other engineering-related issues.


Reviews compliance with City of Fargo adopted fire codes including hydrant locations, required property access and turning radii for Department vehicles. Fire protection system shop drawings are reviewed by the Fire Department prior to installation of the system.

Fargo Cass Public Health

Reviews compliance with public health ordinances and regulations pertaining to aquatic facilities, body art facilities, child care centers, food related facilities, hazardous materials, lodging facilities, mobile home pages, on-site sewage treatment systems, pet store facilities, public drinking water supplies, tanning facilities and other nuisance complaint issues.