Fargo Announces Closure of All Facilities to the Public Beginning on March 19

Essential City services are operating; citizens can reach us at FargoND.gov/Virtual

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Commercial Building Plans & Permitting Guide

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Step 4: Respond to Staff Technical Review

This step is “as required.” The permit applicant's team receives the review comments of the City staff members. The permit applicant and their team/staff modifies the plans and their project documents per the comments provided by the City department staff members. After applicant's team reviews comments from City staff members and modifies the plans and project documents, staff will determine if the applicant's project will be placed back into the review queue or if immediate attention is required.

Who: Applicant(s)

What: Modify project plans and documents per direction of City department staff members

When: As needed/desired

Where: Applicant(s) office(s)

Why: To ensure project compliance with City requirements

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