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ND School Immz Req
ND School Immz Req

North Dakota School Immunization Requirements

One of the most important ways to ensure children are healthy and able to attend school is by maintaining high immunization rates against vaccine-preventable diseases. North Dakota Century Code 23-07-17 mandates that all kindergarten through 12th-grade students meet a minimum number of required immunizations before school entrance or have a documented exemption. With the return of once-eliminated diseases like polio and measles in the United States and across the world, the importance of vaccines and maintaining immunization rates has become more critical. Having vaccine-preventable diseases circulating within a school would lead to large numbers of school absences and negatively affect the health of our students. Immunization rates must reach 95% to keep diseases from spreading if introduced into a school. Once rates fall below the 95% threshold, schools become vulnerable to outbreaks of diseases.

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