Metro Leaders Support OneFargo Event While Preparing to Fully Protect The Community

The OneFargo Celebration will occur on Friday from 1-3 p.m. in Island Park. This peaceful, family-friendly event will commemorate the beginning of the process for continual substantive dialogue, collaboration and work.

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Police Hero

Police Reports

Copies of incident crime reports can be obtained by the Fargo Police Department Records Bureau for a fee, but there are some stipulations on their release:

  • If the case has not cleared the court process, we will not be able to provide the report.
  • If juveniles or victims of domestic violence are involved in the case, we must black out their names.

The cost of an incident crime report is $0.25 per page. If the report takes more than one hour to produce, an additional fee of $25 per hour will be assessed to the requester.

The Records Bureau can email the results of your request if an email address is provided. Accident reports still require payment even if the report is emailed; however, criminal reports are free if emailed and no redaction is required, as long as it doesn’t take more than an hour to compile the information.

Major credit and debit cards are accepted in person or over the phone for payment with a minimum charge of $2.00.

Copies of reports may also be certified if needed for no additional cost. This service needs to be requested at the time of the submission of the request.

Information in incident crime reports and accident reports may be redacted based on both North Dakota open records laws as well as Fargo Police Department policy. If information is redacted from the report a "redaction reason form" is included so the requester knows why the information was taken out. Most information that is redacted is due to domestic violence, juvenile or Marsy's Law situations. Suspect information is no longer redacted from reports, regardless if they were charged or not.

Request for Police Report