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Crime and Traffic Enforcement Data

Crime Statistics

The Fargo Police Department submits single and multiple-offense incidents to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) through monthly electronic records. To maintain uniformity in reporting, the department counts various elements of an incident. Like the prior Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, NIBRS includes the categories of Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property. NIBRS data are based on five basic units of count: incidents; offenses; victims; known offenders; and arrestees. NIBRS also collects the additional category of Crimes Against Society, which are those offenses that represent society's prohibitions against certain activities such as gambling or prostitution.

Data may fluctuate month to month depending on the evolution of a case resulting in a change of charges.

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Shootings & Shots Fired Data

Shootings are incidents where a victim, or victims, sustain injuries due to the use of a firearm. Shots fired calls for service are incidents where gun shots were reported to dispatch by a citizen or the officer, and confirmed by the location of ammunition casings and/or damage to property, but did not result in reported injury to anyone.

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Additional Resources

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Traffic Enforcement Statistics

The Fargo Police Department is committed to the safety of all motorists and pedestrians in the City of Fargo. In an effort to reduce traffic-related injuries and deaths, the FPD emphasizes the enforcement of speeding, racing, drunk driving, distracted driving, and red light and stop sign violations. The following report includes statistical information on moving violation summonses issued by Fargo Police Officers.

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Traffic Stop Heat Map

This map highlights the locations within Fargo city limits where the most traffic stops occur, offering a detailed view of traffic enforcement activity across the city.

Traffic Stop Heat Map - April-1
Traffic Stop Heat Map - April-1

2023 North Dakota Legislative Session

In 2023, in collaboration with The City of Fargo, a local legislator and the North Dakota Chief's of Police Association, legislation was proposed to created owner liability for fleeing vehicles. This was Senate Bill 2348 (SB-2348). This bill passed the North Dakota Senate, but did not pass the House. During the session Chief Zibolski provided testimony in favor of the bill. Click here to view his testimony.

A Message from Chief Dave Zibolski about Speeding, Dangerous Driving and Loud Mufflers

Chief Zibolski and Brenda Derrig Presentation to City Commission on Speeding and Dangerous Driving - 06.12.2023