Special Assessment Commission

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Special Assessment Hearing Minutes

September 2, 2020, 9:00 AM, City Commission Chambers

Special Assessment Commissioners Present: Steve Bladholm, Dan Dunn, Randy Engelstad
City Staff Present: Dan Eberhardt, Linda Stewart, Doug Durgin, Tom Knakmuhs, Steve Sprague

Chairman Dan Dunn called the hearing to order at 9:00 AM.

Chairman Dunn introduced the Special Assessment Commissioners and City of Fargo staff members and he gave a brief description of the hearing procedures.

Assistant City Engineer Tom Knakmuhs presented a power point highlighting three projects in which federal funding and state funding was not identified on the project certifications and were not identified on the information sheet which was sent with assessment notices. The three projects identified include BR-18-B, 10th Street; BN-19-A, 52nd Av; and BR-18-A Main Avenue.

PR-19-F Asphalt Mill & Overlay on 3800 Block cul-de-sac of River Drive South (section #4)
Pauline Crowe, 3807 River Drive, was concerned with her assessment for mill & overlay. She questioned whether the assessments are divided equally. It was explained to Ms. Crowe that the assessments are divided equally based upon the front foot of each parcel. Ms. Crowe had some additional questions regarding the engineering process of the project and was directed to follow up with Tom Knakmuhs via email. Special assessment staff will forward an itemized assessment list to Ms. Crowe.

Ms. Crowe’s concerns will be forwarded as a protest to the City Commission hearing on October 5.

BN-19-A 52nd Avenue arterial roadway
Boumediene Tolhi, 4732 51 Ave S, asked questions regarding the assessment on his property. In particular, he wanted to know why the assessments are not spread throughout the whole city.

Special Assessment Coordinator Dan Eberhardt explained the City of Fargo arterial roadway policy. The policy states that each parcel within the city participates in costs associated with two arterial roadways. The nearest East/West arterial and the nearest North/South arterial. This policy is a capped cost system, meaning the costs associated in two different arterial roadway assessments would be assessed identical based on parcel zoning and the current Infrastructure Policy.

Mr. Tolhi’s concernes will be forwarded as a protest to the City Commission hearing on October 5.

Andre Arneson of Intense LLC, 5402 53 Av S and 5406 53 Av S had concerns regarding the assessments on his properties. His first concern was who receives the interest on the assessments. Mr. Eberhardt explained the interest is determined by improvement bonds plus an additional 3/4 percent for carrying costs by the City of Fargo. Mr. Arneson requested a reduction of his assessment based on the irregular shape of his lots. Lastly, Mr. Arneson was concerned with landscaping indicating the grass seed used was terrible and his property is full of weeds. Assistant Engineer Tom Knakmuhs will reach out to Project Manager Aaron Edgar to address his concerns.

Dan Dunn informed Mr. Arneson that City Staff will review his assessment and follow up with a letter.

Mr. Arneson’s concerns will be forwarded as a protest to the City Commission hearing on October 5.

Ken Pawluk, 6109 and 6121 53 Ave S, submitted a written protest letter to the Special Assessment Commission. Chairman Dan Dunn asked to recuse himself from the discussion due to client conflict. Following the review of Mr. Pawluk’s protest, a letter will be mailed to him.

Mr. Pawluk’s concerns will be forwarded as a protest to the City Commission hearing on October 5.

There were no other protests for any other projects in Special Assessment run of 2020.

The hearing was adjourned at 9:47 AM.