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Fargo Youth Initiative

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The Fargo Youth Initiative (FYI) serves as an advisory body to the Fargo City Commission representing the current needs and issues of the city’s youth. It is made up of up to 20 students from 9th to 12th grade from high schools around Fargo.

FYI’s Mission: Empowering the voice and uniting the youth of Fargo through actions and teamwork.

FYI’s Vision: Creating an atmosphere where youth have a positive sustainable impact on the community of Fargo.

FYI serves three critical functions:

  • To serve as a liaison between the City of Fargo and the youth of Fargo.
  • To investigate needs, problems and issues affecting the youth of Fargo.
  • Research issues and make policy or project recommendations to the Fargo City Commission.

FYI sets their own schedule and meets regularly during the school year and informally during the summer.

Various projects the Fargo Youth Initiative have undertaken include: