Fargo Announces Closure of All Facilities to the Public Beginning on March 19

Essential City services are operating; citizens can reach us at FargoND.gov/Virtual

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Community Development Committee

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Community Development Committee

The Community Development Committee is made up of 12 members makes recommendations to the City Commission regarding land development, including the use of economic incentives and grant funds. The Committee has three main focuses:

Affordable Housing: Recommend to the City Commission policies to promote homeownership and the maintenance and creation of high-quality, affordable housing in the community. These policies will include use of HOME/CDBG funds, tax policy and other city policy.

Downtown Development: Recommend to the City Commission policies regarding downtown development. These policies will include policy for the use of CDBG and HOME funds in the downtown area, tax exemptions, tax increment financing and the use of other city funds downtown.

Neighborhood Redevelopment: Recommend to the City Commission policies regarding Neighborhood Redevelopment. These policies will include policy for the use of CDBG and HOME funds in lower-income neighborhoods, infrastructure improvements and the use of other city funds.

Committee Responsibilities

The Community Development Committee was established by City Commission action on December 1, 1997. The purpose of the Committee is to oversee the development of City policy and provide direction to the City Commission regarding development in the City of Fargo.

This is to include long range planning for housing, commercial/industrial development and neighborhood redevelopment, evaluating the impact of current economic incentives, as well as directing the use of Community Development budget grant funds in the achievement of that plan. Activities may include oversight of the downtown area plan and implementation of the LDC. This committee will work in conjunction with the Planning Commission and the Tax Exempt Review Committee and report findings and recommendations to the City Commission.

Meeting Schedule & Location

The Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 2:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers, City Hall, at 225 4th Street North, Fargo.

Meetings are broadcast live on cable channel TV Fargo 56 and can be www.FargoND.gov/streaming They are rebroadcast each Monday at 12 p.m. and Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

People with disabilities who plan to attend the meeting and need special accommodations should contact the Planning & Development Department at 701.241.1474 or TDD at 701.241.8258. Please contact us at least 48 hours before the meeting to give our staff adequate time to make arrangements.