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Services and Equipment Available to the Public

Notary Services

The library offers Notary Services to the public free of charge. Those interested in this service should call the Main Library Information Desk at 701.241.1492 prior to their visit to confirm that an authorized Notary Public is available, or to make an appointment.

To view the library's Notary Services Policy, click here.

Please note: availability of a Notary Public is dependent on staff availability and is not guaranteed.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available at all locations by visiting Mobile printing requires a valid Fargo Public Library card and print jobs are released and paid for with cash at the print station in the library.
Wireless (Mobile) Printing Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Fargo Public Library card number as your username, and enter your last name in all UPPERCASE (Capital) letters for the password.
  3. Click the "upload" button to select the file you wish to print.
  4. The document will now be available to print at the print station.

Step-by-step downloadable instructions are available.

Equipment Available to the Public

Main Library

  • Two Photocopiers - 10 cents/page for black and white, 50 cents/page for color
  • Scanner (USB drive required)
  • Two microfilm reader/printers
  • One digital microfilm reader/scanner.
  • Electric magnifier
  • 40 Public access computers (31 adult, 9 children's)
  • Wireless Internet

Dr. James Carlson Library

  • One photocopier - 10 cents/page for black and white, 50 cents/page for color
  • Scanner (USB drive required)
  • 22 public access computers (15 adult, 7 children's)
  • Wireless Internet

Northport Library

  • Two photocopiers - 10 cents/page for black and white, 50 cents/page for color
  • Scanner (USB drive required)
  • 9 public access computers (5 adult, 4 children's)
  • Wireless Internet

Using the Computers

Customers must have a valid library card to register for a computer. Customers using the Internet at the library must read the Computer Use Policy and agree to abide by the rules.

Internet Access

Internet access and word processing are available to the public in the Main Library, the Dr. James Carlson Library and the Northport Branch. There is a four hour per day, per user time limit.

Access to web-based e-mail is available; however, customers must register for their own e-mail accounts.

Available Software

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, Powerpoint and Excel)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is free of charge and does not have a time limit. Since each computer is different, the Information Desk staff are unable to assist in hardware/software configuration.