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Library Card Application Basics

Anyone 16 years old or over must fill out the application form, show a photo ID, and provide proof of current address. People can apply for cards at any of the three Fargo Public Library locations, or online. With an online application, the patron will need to bring in a photo ID and proof of their current address to pick up the card.

For children age 15 or under, a parent or legal guardian must sign the application form, show their photo ID, and provide proof of current address.

If a person doesn't have proof of address with them at the time they apply for a card, staff will mail out the card to verify the current address. In that case, checkout is limited to 2 items until the card is received in the mail.

All library cards for Fargo residents are good for three years.

If a library card is lost, the cardholder can bring in a photo ID and get a replacement for $1.

Pre-Register for a Library Card

UPDATED 3/19/2020: During the shutdown of City of Fargo offices, including the Fargo Public Library, we encourage residents to apply online for a Fargo Public Library card. Residents may use this temporary online account to access our e-content services and digital resources.

Please note: Once library operating hours return to normal, please visit any of our three Fargo Public Library locations to continue online services and to receive your library card. Remember to bring your photo ID (see list of acceptable photo ID's) and proof of address.

To pre-register for a library card, please complete the library card application.

After completing the online registration form and verifying your account by email, you will be able to place 15 items on hold and access our online databases. This account will be active for 6 months.

If you already have a library card and need to register a child (under 16 years of age), please use our Contact Us Form at the bottom of this page and select "Ask Reference" as the Recipient. Please send us your name and card number, and the full name and birthdate of the child(ren) you would like to register.

All Fargo residents can receive a library card free of charge. Those serviced by West Fargo or Lake Agassiz Regional Libraries will be asked to show a home library card after the Fargo Public Library re-opens. Those who choose not to show a home library card, or other non-residents will be charged a $20 fee. Please see our Registration Policy for more information.

Residence Requirements

A free Fargo Public Library card is available to all Fargo residents and Fargo property taxpayers with proof of identification and address. Library cards are also available for free to K-12 students in Fargo public and private schools whose residences may be outside the city limits.

You also qualify for a free Fargo Public Library card if you live in the following areas:
• The West Fargo Public Library service area.
• The 7-county area served by the Lake Agassiz Regional Library (LARL).

Users from these reciprocal borrowing libraries must present a valid library card from their home library at the time of application. These library systems also extend the same benefit to cardholders from the Fargo Public Library. If residents of the LARL system and West Fargo do not choose to have cards from their local library system they will be charged the nonresident fee.

Other residents of North Dakota may also get a free non-resident Fargo Public Library card.

For users who do not qualify for a free Fargo Public Library card, paid non-resident cards are available. Non-resident cards are valid for one year for a fee of $20 per year. The nonresident fee is set by the Library Board of Directors based on the library’s per-household revenue from property taxes.

My First Library Card

Library Cards for Kids

The Fargo Public Library is in the business of building readers and what better way than to celebrate our youngest community members! Did you know that beginning at birth you can get your child a Fargo Public Library card and open the door to all of the excellent materials and services offered by your library? Children from birth through age 7 who have never held a Fargo Public Library Card are welcome to apply for a distinctive My First Library Card. The unique design will make any child feel special as they proudly check out books, music CDs, and other materials all on their own.

Children who share books with parents from an early age have better success learning to read which leads to success in school and beyond. Make it a family event and get everyone a card since children who see adults reading are more likely to enjoy reading themselves.

Parents or guardians who are residents of the City of Fargo are welcome to come in to any Fargo Public Library location and apply for a My First Library Card for their children by bringing identification and proof of current address. Minnesota parents can show their child’s valid card from the Lake Agassiz Regional Library system to get a Fargo library card for free. West Fargo parents can show their child’s valid West Fargo Library card to get a Fargo library card for free. Other residents of North Dakota can receive a non-resident card without a fee good for one year.

For more information about the My First Library Card program or other Fargo Public Library programs and services, please contact Children’s Services at 701.241.1495. Come down and get the whole family library cards today!

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