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Service Policy: Notary Public

Notary Public Policy
Notary Public service is provided at no charge by authorized library staff. Please call the library at 701-241-1492 to confirm a notary public is available before you visit or to make an appointment. Availability of a notary public is dependent on staff availability and is not guaranteed.

What to bring:
• Unsigned documents - documents must be signed in the notary public’s presence.
• A valid photo ID with a signature
• Any witnesses required - the library will not provide witnesses and witnesses may not be solicited from other patrons using the library. Witnesses must also bring a valid photo ID.

Notaries Public are governed by North Dakota law with commissions issued by the North Dakota Secretary of State and are required to obey all laws and guidance governing notaries public in North Dakota.

• Notaries public are not authorized to prepare or complete documents for others.
• Notaries public cannot pre-date or post-date any action, prepare a legal document, give advice on legal matters, or Notarize documents in which they have a personal interest.
• The person who will sign the document must be sure that the document is completely filled out, leaving no blanks other than where the customer will sign the document, before appearing before the notary. Notaries public may not notarize any document with blank spaces.
• Notaries public will not provide service if the patron’s document or circumstances of the request for notary public service raise any issues of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt, or uncertainly for the library or the notary public. In this event, the library notary public may at their sole discretion, decline to provide notary service.
• If a document is in a foreign language, an accurate written English translation must be permanently affixed to the document prior to notarization.

Approved 07-21-2021