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Concession Stand Operators & Organizers

Fargo Cass Public Health’s Fast Fuel initiative aims to make it fast and easy for concession customers to select foods and beverages that provide the best “fuel” for athletes, families and fans.

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Fast Fuel Recipes

Providing healthful concession options doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are videos highlighting recipes that taste great, are profitable, and can easily be incorporated into concession stands.

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Fast Fuel Tips

One of the best ways to learn is by hearing from others who are operating concessions stands in our community. Below are tips from concession stand managers and volunteers discussing what works, and what doesn’t.

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Please contact us with questions or comments!

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Fast Fuel Newsletters

Fargo Cass Fast Fuel newsletters are a quick way to learn about healthful concession initiatives, capture ideas to implement into your concessions, and get excited about a profitable operation. Read them! Share them! Fast Fuel!