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A primary goal of concession stands is to make money. Offering items that are more healthful should not take a bite out of profits.

Fast Fuel tools to sustain or improve your profits include Smart Pricing and Combination Meals.

  • Smart Pricing
    Price can influence what an individual purchases and therefore, the concession profits. Smart Pricing tips include:
    1. Knowing costs of each item to determine where to set the price. Keep preparation in mind, as well as, the cost of condiments and serve ware.
    2. Pricing healthful items at a lower cost to entice customers to purchase these items.
  • Combination Meals
    Give customers the ability to save money while increasing concession profits by offering the ability to buy items as a combo. Combination meals should include a healthful side.

A helpful equation to remember: Concession Price – Cost of Product = Profit

For specific pricing guidelines and tips, visit the full Fast Fuel Toolkit (PDF).