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Fast Fuel Products
Fast Fuel Products


Choosing the right products will be the key to a successful concession stand. Fast Fuel guidelines recommend that at least 50% of products offered are healthful.

Purchasing Tips

  • Simplify the stand by purchasing only the best-selling sodas, candy and chips
  • Consider purchasing items for the stand through your School Food Service
  • Bulk or wholesale stores are a good place to buy pre-packaged, single-serve items in bulk, which drives down the cost per unit and increases profit

Selling Tips

  • Consider items that are easy to prepare or quick for customers to grab
  • Balance the menu with 50% of products offered being healthful
  • Simplify by limiting the menu to only the best-selling sodas, candy and chips

For Fast Fuel product modifications, Smart Snack Guidelines and more product tips, visit the full Fast Fuel Toolkit (PDF).