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Reproductive Health FAQs

Please check out the videos below for answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions about the Reproductive Health Clinic at Fargo Cass Public Health (FCPH)! Didn't find what you were looking for? Additional videos can be found on the Reproductive Health FAQ Playlist on our YouTube channel.


Who should consider coming to the FCPH Clinic?


How does the sliding fee scale work?


Does FCPH provide referrals for other services?


What type of community outreach does FCPH offer?


What is a risk assessment?


Are FCPH staff members mandatory reporters?


What type of staff work at a Title X Clinic?


Why should someone consider receiving reproductive health or STD services at FCPH?


What is Title X and why is it important?


What services does the FCPH Clinic provide?


Is EVERYBODY welcome at the FCPH Clinic?


How does the FCPH Clinic test females for STDs?


How does the FCPH Clinic test males for STDs?


How often should females get a pap smear?


Do females need a pelvic exam at every appointment?


What birth control options are available for females?


What can I expect during my birth control appointment?


What types of tests can be run at the FCPH Clinic?


How does FCPH ensure quality healthcare at an affordable price?


How does FCPH keep my visit confidential?


How do staff help nervous patients feel more comfortable?


What are some misconceptions about the FCPH Clinic?


What's different about the FCPH Clinic?


How quickly do patients receive results?


What services are not provided by FCPH?


What is involved in a pelvic exam?


How long does it take to receive HIV test results?


What is the benefit of having a lab on-site?


How important is confidentiality to the FCPH lab?


Does the FCPH Clinic accept insurance?


Does the FCPH Clinic accept walk-ins?


Does the FCPH Clinic offer evening hours?


Will the FCPH Clinic provide services if I don't have insurance?


Why is it important to provide care in a nonjudgemental way?


Why is contraceptive education important?


What is the appointment process at the FCPH Clinic?