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Fargo Recycling

The City of Fargo now has ALL in ONE recycling which allows residents to deposit all of their recycling in ONE BIN! No more separating, it’s never BIN easier! For more information, call 701.241.1449.

The City of Fargo does collection of recyclables from Fargo residents, commercial accounts and multi-family dwellings, then the recyclables are delivered to Minnkota Recycling in Fargo for processing and sent by rail or truck to various markets to be remanufactured into new products.

For example: plastics are recycled into toys, landscaping plastic, containers and plastic lumber used for decking and fence material; glass is turned into landscape material and sandblast medium; newspapers are recycled into egg cartons; magazines are turned into pulp grade paper for packing and gift wrap; aluminum cans are melted and made into cans again; sorted paper is turned into tissue paper, paper towels and fine paper; cardboard boxes are recycled into pizza, cereal and other types of boxes; and steel cans are used for making more cans.

ALL in ONE recycling details:

  • The cost is $4 per month
  • Collection is every other week on your garbage day.
    • To determine what week recycling is collected at your address please review the Collection Schedule Map to learn more about Week A, Week B and recycling collection dates.
  • Recycling drop off sites will remain available for those choosing to transport recycling themselves

How do I Recycle if I Live in an Apartment?

If you live in an apartment or have a dumpster for garbage disposal, call 701.241.1449 for recycling options.

We appreciate your efforts to conserve and recycle these materials that are a valuable resource for creating new products and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.