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Crooks use clever schemes to defraud millions of people every year. They often combine sophisticated technology with age-old tricks to get people to send money or give out personal information. They add new twists to old schemes and pressure people to make important decisions on the spot. One thing that never changes: they follow the headlines — and the money.

A few simple precautions can help prevent scam artists from being successful.

Common Scams in North Dakota

Read about the Most Recent Scam Alerts and sign up to receive scam alerts by Email from the FTC.

What do I do if I believed I've fallen victim of a scam?

If your issue had to do with online fraud, you will need to report it to the Federal Bureau of Investigations Internet Crime Complaint Center - IC3. The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or a third party to the complainant. They can best process your complaint if they have accurate and complete information. They request the following information when filing a complaint:

  • The victim's name, address, telephone, and email
  • Financial transaction information such as account information, transaction date and amount and who received the money
  • The subject's name, address, telephone, email, website, and IP address
  • Specific details on how the individual was victimized
  • Email header(s)
  • Any other relevant information you believe is necessary to support your complaint

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the nation's consumer protection agency. The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace. Complaints help the FTC and law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice and put an end to unfair and misleading business practices. If you have a complaint, file it online or call 1.877.FTC.HELP.

National Do Not Call Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. You can register your home or mobile phone for free. After you register, other types of organizations may still call you, such as charities, political groups, debt collectors and surveys. If you received an unwanted call after your number was on the National Registry for 31 days, report it to the FTC.

Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker

Do you believe you have spotted a business or offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud? Let the Better Business Bureau know so they can keep track of the scams that are happening in our area with their Scam Tracker, and others can be in the know as well.