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Underage Drinking & Parties

Underage Drinking & Parties

My friend is over 21 and she lets her younger sister use her ID to get into bars. Can my friend get in trouble for this?

Yes. It is illegal for a person to knowingly permit someone else to use their driver’s license or I.D. and display or represent it as their own, especially if it is used to falsely show, portray or represent the younger person's date of birth or age. If a person is convicted of such a violation, his/her operator’s license may be revoked for up to six months. It is unlawful for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages. It is also unlawful for them to consume alcohol, be under the influence of alcohol or be in possession of alcoholic beverages. Furnishing money to any person for such a purchase or entering any licensed premises where alcoholic beverages are sold or displayed is also illegal.

I want to have a keg party at my home. The alcohol would be free, but I want to charge a minimal fee for the cup. Can I do this without getting a license?

No person is allowed to sell alcoholic beverages without obtaining a license that must be posted in a conspicuous place on the licensed premise. The important factor to examine is what sale means. Sale: All methods of furnishing alcoholic beverages, whether you get money for the beverages and whether you sell, dispense, exchange or barter for them. This includes all situations, whether they involve cash, credit, donations, or the purchase of a ticket, token, or other object redeemable for alcoholic beverages. In this case, without having a license, the fee for the cup in exchange for free alcohol is not legal.

When can I have a party without worrying about being busted for a noise complaint?

It depends. There is a general time frame that does not allow for parties and large gatherings that create unreasonable noise in residential zoned areas or buildings. This time period is from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. In many instances, the police will get a call from neighborhood residents who are disturbed by the noise or parking problems created by the party. Anytime these complaints are made (even prior to 10 p.m.), if the noise is clearly audible at a distance of 50 feet or more, it is a violation of city ordinance. In apartment buildings, this distance includes hallways and other apartments. When complaints are made and verified by police, everyone at the party, except for the owner or tenant, may be ordered to leave immediately. Police may issue a citation to those creating the loud noise.