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Reporting Retail Gas Theft

Gas drive offs are a far too common occurrence in the City of Fargo. To deal with this issue, the Fargo Police Department has created a process for businesses to report retail gas theft. Completing and submitting the retail gas theft form is a request to investigate and pursue criminal charges should a criminal complaint be warranted. The Fargo Police Department will not act as a collection agency. Businesses seeking only to collect the debt should utilize private means to receive payment.

The Fargo Police Department does not provide suspect vehicle information to businesses. This information is protected and by law and must be recieved from the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

A request for vehicle information form (SFN 51269) can be completed and submitted to the North Dakota Department of Transportation for a small fee.

Retail gas theft is preventable and more companies throughout the region are adopting pre-payment policies. As more and more consumers rely on credit and debit cards as their primary method of payment, the impact of pre-payment policies on customer convenience has been greatly diminished. Prevention is the primary means of reducing crime and the Fargo Police Department would encourage your company to consider adopting a pre-payment policy that fits your business model.