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Fargo Police Policy Manual

The department utilizes Lexipol, a content, policy and training platform for public safety and local government, which enables first responders and leaders to better protect their communities and reduce risk. Lexipol is an industry leader in law enforcement risk management and policy development. Our policy manual is current with applicable State of North Dakota and federal laws and it is based on best practices of the law enforcement profession.

The purpose of our policy manual is to provide all members of the Fargo Police Department, regardless of their rank, title, position, or status as a sworn officer or civilian employee, with the guidance that allows each employee to perform their duties in the most professional manner possible. Therefore, it is important to recognize the development of this policy manual is an ongoing process and is intended to not only serve the department’s interests, but the interests of department personnel and the community as well.

This manual also exists to establish the department’s leadership and management principles and to set the standards and expectations to which all department employees are held. The department’s policies and procedures should elevate the standards of our profession as well as strengthen the community’s confidence in our organization. Every member of our department is encouraged, both individually and collectively, to realize the responsibilities associated with their position. Every day they must continuously strive to earn the support, respect, and cooperation of the citizens we serve.

Above all else, the men and women who collectively define this organization must recognize the very basis for the existence of the Fargo Police Department is the law. The credibility of our organization and the law enforcement profession in general, is ultimately enhanced by our understanding of and self-adherence to the law and by how we contribute to the welfare of our community. The policies contained within this manual reflect the goal of maintaining that credibility to the best of our abilities.

There is no magic formula for dealing with many facets of human behavior that police officers encounter every day. While this manual establishes guidelines for the performance expected of all members of our Department, it cannot reasonably anticipate the myriad of situations that officers may encounter while serving our community.

Below are several Fargo Police Department policies that may be of interest to the citizens of Fargo.

FPD Policy Manual: Chief's Preface

FPD Policy Manual: Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

  1. Law Enforcement Role and Authority
  2. Organization and Administration
  3. General Operations
  4. Patrol Operations
  5. Traffic Operations
  6. Investigations Operations
  7. Equipment
  8. Records
  9. Searches
  10. Personnel