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Service Policy: Outreach

The purpose of the library’s community outreach services is to offer programming and materials for non-users, the underserved and people with special needs within the community.

In addition to providing needed services to community members, community outreach programs within a library provide a unique opportunity to improve public image within a service community and offer excellent collaboration opportunities with community leaders, groups and organizations that will enhance overall library service.

The purpose of the Outreach Department is achieved by a variety of outreach services including, but not limited to:

  • Delivery of materials and selected programming to sites such as assisted living facilities, congregate housing, nursing homes and homebound individuals.
  • Participation in community events, e.g., set up displays and distribute information at college and career fairs, neighborhood celebrations, special events at parks, the zoo and museums and attend Chamber of Commerce events.

Approved 08-17-2006
Revised 07-15-2014
Revised 04-17-2018
Reviewed 09-21-2021