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Meeting Rooms

The Fargo Public Library provides meeting space for use by the library, by municipal, county and state government, and by the general population for lawful public use.

Meeting spaces are available ONLY during regular library hours:


All scheduling is made through library administration between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Reservations are preferred at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date and may be made up to 12 months in advance. Other than the library, municipal, county and state government, no group may reserve the meeting room for more than four four-hour blocks in any month. The library reserves the right to cancel any booking with a six week notice for its own programming needs.

Fees must be paid at the time of the application. Fees are nonrefundable unless notice of cancellation is received by library administration at least one day in advance of the event, or unless the library cancels the booking. Fees must be paid by check, money order or credit card.

Groups are not booked for meeting space until application and payment have been received and confirmed by the library. Confirmation will be made in person, by mail, email or by fax. Groups will be notified either in person, by phone, by mail, email or by fax if their application has been rejected.

Groups requiring assistance with and or set up of audiovisual technologies available in the Community Room at the Main Library need to specifically request assistance at the time the room is reserved. Groups should be aware that staff availability is limited and staff may not be available throughout the duration of the event.

Groups requiring a specific arrangement of chairs and or tables in the Community Room at the Main Library are required to specifically request the arrangement at the time the room is reserved; staff will not be available to make adjustments the day of the event.

Statement of Policy and Principles

  1. The Fargo Public Library is a public facility built and maintained by the taxpayers of the city and by private contributions. It is used primarily for programs and services of the Public Library.
  2. When the meeting rooms are not being used for those purposes, they are available to groups, organizations, and individuals according to the rules of this policy.
  3. The library strives to minimize expenses for supervision, security, liability, utilities, etc., so that primary library services are not negatively affected. Fees are charged to offset additional costs to the library.
  4. Meeting room use must not disrupt or conflict with regular library operations and services. On this basis requests for use may be denied or suspended.
  5. All meetings must be open to the public. Meetings may not be restricted to any particular group or individuals.
  6. The meeting rooms are for meetings and programs of an educational, informational, cultural, or civic nature to enhance the library's role as an institution which connects people with information. The meeting rooms may be used by for-profit organizations but buying/selling, commercial transactions, or other exchange of goods is prohibited. Meeting rooms may not be used for private social gatherings such as showers, birthday parties, etc.
  7. Fees or admission/participation charges are not allowed.
  8. Use of a meeting room does not constitute endorsement of the beliefs, viewpoints, policies, or affiliations of the user by the library board or staff.
  9. All organizations must comply with all relevant state and local ordinances to include all licensing and copyright requirements in regards to program content. Failure to comply with said ordinances and requirements will result in suspension of meeting room privileges.


  1. The room must be left in a neat and orderly condition. Furniture must be returned to its original arrangement. Charges for damage beyond normal wear will be assessed to the group that had the booking at the time of the damage.
  2. Adult supervision must be provided during the entire time of contracted use. The library staff cannot provide child care services for the children of adults who are using the meeting room.
  3. The library assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents, injury, or loss of personal property in the library or the meeting room.
  4. Smoking, alcohol consumption, open flames, and animals with the exception of guide animals on library property are prohibited.
  5. Refreshments may be served but cooking is prohibited. Groups serving food are responsible for cleanup.
  6. Signs may be posted on each door to the meeting room indicating that the group is meeting there.
  7. A group may not use the library's address as its address.
  8. The library staff will not accept calls or relay messages to people attending meetings except in case of emergencies.
  9. Failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension of meeting room privileges.

Main Library Room Use Fees:

$25 per half hour will be assessed to ALL groups who stay later than 15 minutes past closing.

Carlson Public Library Room Use Fees:

$25 per half hour will be assessed to ALL groups who stay later than 15 minutes past closing.

Northport Public Library Community Room Use Fees:

$25 per half hour will be assessed to ALL groups who stay later than 15 minutes past closing.

Approved 10-16-2007; Revised 7-28-2009; Revised 4-19-2011; Revised 9-18-2012; Revised 11-18-2014; Revised 11-20-2018