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Service Policy: Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The purpose of interlibrary loan (ILL) is to obtain materials, at patron request, that are not available at the Fargo Public Library (FPL).

ELIGIBILITY: Because interlibrary loan is a labor-intensive value-added service, it is limited to Fargo residents or property owners only. Individuals requesting ILL must have an active card in good standing with FPL; all blocked or expired cards must be cleared before submitting a request. Students attending area colleges and universities should submit requests to their institution’s ILL department.

MATERIALS AVAILABLE THROUGH ILL: The Fargo Public Library will attempt to borrow almost all types of materials, with the exception of items currently held by FPL. Some types of materials may be more difficult to obtain or may require a significant amount of time to receive.

SUBMITTING REQUESTS: Requests can be made in person at any FPL public service desk, by telephone or online. Individuals should be prepared to provide their card or card number at the time the ILL request is submitted.

• There is a limit of four active (pending or checked out) requests per patron.
• Multiple requests for the same title within the same time period may not be honored.
• Although we attempt to borrow from libraries that do not charge for interlibrary loans, occasionally materials are located only at institutions that impose a fee. If the ILL request form does not indicate that the patron is willing to pay, the item will not be ordered until the patron is informed of the charges.
• The Fargo Public Library is bound by any restrictions imposed by the lending institution. These may include “in-library use only” or "no photocopying.”
• Because of copyright restrictions, FPL is limited to five copies of articles from the current five years of a periodical title during the calendar year. Beginning January 1 of the new year, five more requests can be ordered from the same title.

NOTIFICATION: Patrons will be notified by e-mail or regular mail when the requested material is available. A hold pickup expiration date will be included in the notification.

Photocopies will be mailed directly to the patron. However, if there is a charge for the copies, the materials will be held at the service desk requested by the patron and the patron will be contacted.

MATERIAL PICKUP: Most items, including those requiring payment, will be held at the service desk of the library location specified by the patron. Requested items will be delivered to outreach patrons. Micro-formats and “in-library use only” items will be held at the library and are available upon request from the Reference Desk staff.

ILL borrowing privileges may be suspended for repeated unclaimed requests.

LOAN PERIOD: The loan period is four weeks with no renewal. If more time is needed, the item can be re-ordered for one additional time in a 12-month period. Repeated requests for the same item may not be honored.

RETURNS: ILL materials should be returned to the Fargo Public Library, not to the library that lent the item. Outreach patrons should return their items to the staff person who delivered them. The user is responsible for all charges resulting from damage or loss of materials.

Approved by the Library Board of Directors 01-28-2003
Revision Approved 09-20-2005
Revision Approved 03-16-2010
Revision Approved 06-19-2012
Revision Approved 11-17-2015
Reviewed 02-20-2018
Revised 09-15-2020
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