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Service Policy: Circulation

The goal of the Fargo Public Library is to have citizens use the collection as much as they need and want. In support of this goal, the Fargo Public Library does not charge late fees on overdue materials. To facilitate equitable access to circulating materials for all library users, the Fargo Public Library does have specific loan periods for items in its collection.

Borrower Agreement:
In return for the privilege of borrowing materials from the Fargo Public Library card holders agree to:
• present their card or acceptable picture identification per the registration policy when borrowing materials.
• be responsible for all materials borrowed on their card and to reimburse the library for lost or damaged materials.
• return library materials on time.
• recognize that the library retains the right to suspend borrowing privileges.
• notify the library promptly of a change in name, address, or telephone number, or the loss of their library card.
• recognize that the library will refer accounts of fees and charges due over $500 to a collection agency.

Loan Periods:
3 weeks, 2 renewals. New, in-demand, or seasonal books may have a special 1-week circulation period and/or no renewals.
3 weeks, 2 renewals. Current issues of adult and teen magazines and periodicals from closed stacks, do not circulate.
Audiobooks, Readalongs, CDs, Video Games, Equipment Kits, and Children’s Kits:
3 weeks, 2 renewals
DVDs and Blu-rays:
1 week, 2 renewals
State Park Pass:
1 week, 2 renewals
Interlibrary Loans:
4 weeks, no renewal
Book Club in a Bag Kits:
6 weeks, no renewal
Day Use Items:
1 day, no renewal, no holds

Renewable items may be renewed in person, by telephone, or online for up to 2 additional loan periods if there are no holds. The renewal period begins the day the renewal transaction is entered.

A library user may have up to 50 items checked out at any time.

Within the entire Fargo Public Library collection, there may be specific limits on the number of checkouts by type of item or sub-collection due to high demand, item cost, size of sub-collection, limitations specified by participating partners, or other factors.

Electronic Content:
The Fargo Public Library makes available digital resources for circulation that may include other guidelines. In cases where the Library participates in a shared collection as part of a consortium, circulation may be limited by consortial agreements. In other cases, limitations by the vendor may change circulation limits or periods. Some resources, such as e-materials or online resources, are provided by vendors with whom the library contracts. In these cases, users are also subject to any legal terms regarding acceptable usage of resources. If a user wishes to use online resources, the library may share user data, including but not limited to name, email, and library barcode number, with the vendor providing the service in order to facilitate this use. Users also agree to be bound by the vendor’s terms of use and privacy policy.

Hoopla Digital access is limited to Fargo residents and Fargo property owners only due to Hoopla’s fee-per-use model.

Fees and charges:
The Fargo Public Library does not charge late fees for overdue items. Items which are lost or damaged will be assessed fees per policy. Borrowers who have more than $30.00 in outstanding fees on their account may not check out materials. Borrowing may resume when fees are reduced below the $30.00 maximum by return of the item(s) or by payment of fees.

Damaged items:
Materials returned with damage judged to be above normal wear and tear will be assessed damage fees. Materials that can no longer be circulated will be removed from the collection and assessed the full replacement cost. Missing or damaged items from multi-part sets or kits will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The replacement cost of an item is billed to the borrower when it is 30 days overdue. This cost will be removed from the borrower’s account when the item is returned.

The library will not accept replacement item(s) in lieu of payment of lost item fees or damage fees.

The names of delinquent borrowers who have over $500 in fees may be referred to a collection agency. Delinquent borrowers may be responsible for any fees charged by collection agencies.

The Fargo Public Library will provide a refund for a lost item if the item is returned in good condition within 1 year of payment.

Approved 01-15-2002
Revised 09-20-2005
Revised 08-19-2008
Revised 05-18-2010
Revised 06-21-2011
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