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Access to Materials

Service Policy: Access to Materials

The Fargo Public Library does not deny or abridge use of the library because of an individual’s national origin, age, background, or views, gender, or culture.

The library does not act in loco parentis. Parents and/or legal guardians are responsible for children’s and young people’s reading, viewing, and listening.

The library will not restrict access to library materials under the assumption that certain materials may be “harmful” to minors or in an effort to avoid controversy with parents. Young people have varied levels of intellectual development and families have differing backgrounds and child-rearing philosophies. Such significant factors are not accommodated by a uniform policy based on age. The library has a responsibility to ensure that young people have access to a wide range of informational and recreational materials and services to meet their diverse needs.

The library will restrict access to certain materials for the express purpose of the preservation of these materials in order to protect them from theft or mutilation.

Approved 12-10-1997
Reviewed by Board of Directors 02-18-2014
Revised 01-16-2018