Fire Department Hero

Fireworks: Spectacular Danger

Fireworks are not legal for use inside the limits of The City of Fargo

Play it safe and let professionals handle the fireworks. Professional fireworks make a better display, which you and your family can watch in safety.


A painful and sometimes deadly lesson

Decades of tragic experience teach this lesson: Fireworks are dangerous.

Young people suffer the great majority of fireworks injuries, most frequently injuries to the eyes, head or hands. Losing your sight or losing a finger is a tragic price to pay for a few minutes of fun with fireworks.

Even seemingly harmless sparklers cause many injuries. For children under age five, sparklers account for three-quarters of all fireworks injuries. Fascinated by the bright sparks, little children may wrap their hands around a stick of fire that can be as hot as 1800 degrees F.

The damage doesn't stop with personal injury

Injuries are only part of the problem. Local fire departments are called to thousands of fires started by fireworks. Those fires have caused property damage totaling millions of dollars.