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Boulevard Garden Program

In July 2021, the City Commission amended the Fargo Municipal Code to allow plantings, in addition to turf grass, on the boulevard adjacent to a resident’s property. The ordinance includes certain stipulations one should be aware of if planning to plant on the boulevard:

  • Check existing covenants to assure planting on the boulevard is allowed in a development.
  • Must contact ND One Call "811" for utility locations at least 48 hours before digging.
  • Plants shall not exceed 36 inches in height. Plantings within 30 feet of an intersection, 5 feet from a driveway or alley, and a 3 foot radius around fire hydrants shall not exceed 24 inches.
  • Plants must be maintained with no overhang or encroachment onto the sidewalk, curb, or street.
  • Any planting within the dripline of an existing street tree must be approved by the City Forester at 701.241.1465.
  • Use shredded hardwood mulch around plants to prevent soil erosion.
  • Boulders and structures such as retaining walls are prohibited.
  • Boulevard gardens must be maintained by resident property owner at all times.
  • Plantings may include flowers, vegetables, native or turf grasses, and other plants; noxious weeds and invasive plants are prohibited.
  • All boulevards remain public property; the City and private utility companies maintain the right to access boulevards to perform necessary work, access utilities, store excess snow, etc.

City of Fargo Boulevard Garden Ordinance

The list of stipulations above is only a summary; please refer to the Boulevard Garden Ordinance for additional information.

Raised planting beds

Raised planting beds are allowed but any raised planting bed over 4 inches will require a permit from Fargo Cass Public Health. In addition to the stipulations listed above, the following are specific to raised beds:

  • There is no permit application fee, permits need to be renewed annually.
  • A raised bed shall be no higher than 12 inches and no larger than 4 x 8 feet (or 32 square feet).
  • Placement on the boulevard shall be a minimum of 2 feet from the sidewalk, edge of an alleyway and neighboring adjacent boulevard, and 3 feet from the curb.
  • Permanent material such as concrete shall not be used.
  • Insurance requirements can be found on the application form.

Contact information

For additional information, contact Cheryl Stetz by email or phone at 701.241.1367