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Pet Licenses

Fargo city ordinances require that all cats and dogs be licensed, even those who remain indoors at all times. A license costs $5.00 per year. You can purchase a license at select Fargo veterinary hospitals, the Fargo City Animal Pound or Fargo City Hall (Auditor's Office). Some veterinary hospitals add a processing fee to the cost of the license; there is no fee added if you buy your license at City Hall. In order to receive a license, you will need to show proof that your animal's rabies vaccination is current.

When you license your cat or dog, you will receive a licensing tag for the pet. Both the licensing tag and the rabies tag should be worn by your animal at all times.

Benefits of Licensing Your Pet

  • You will not be subject to a $60 fine for failure to license your dog or cat.
  • If your animal has a current City license, you will not have to pay a $25 penalty if it is ever taken to the pound (you will still be responsible for the $35 impound fee and boarding fees).
  • If your animal is wearing a current City license, community service officers will try to return it to you before taking it to the pound.

Apply For A Pet License

  • Licenses can be purchased online by using the licensing portal. You must be able to attach a copy of the animal's current rabies vaccination form in order to obtain a license online.

    IMPORTANT: If you are registering more than one pet online, please log out of the licensing portal after each individual application submission.
  • Licenses may also be purchased in person or by agent at Fargo City Hall, 225 4th Street North. You will need to bring a copy of the animal's current rabies vaccination form.

Chicken Licenses

Chicken Licenses are available for a cost of $10.00. Call 701.241.8108 for details or visit the Auditor's Office at Fargo City Hall, 225 4th Street North.