Balance Your Bottom Line Hero

Balance Your Bottom Line

Companies successful at retaining valued employees after childbirth find two components can make the difference: providing dedicated space (as small as 4’ x 5’) for breastfeeding employees to express milk in privacy, and providing workplace lactation support.

The benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and mom are well known. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 80% of moms start breastfeeding but this rate decreases significantly by 3 months, which is a common time for moms to return to work.

With the majority of North Dakota moms returning to work after having a baby, businesses have a unique opportunity to support their employees and experience the business benefits.

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Breastfed Babies Are Healthier

Healthier moms can benefit your business in a few different ways.


Breastfeeding Employees Miss Work Less Often

Breast milk boost an infant's immune system and helps protect them from common childhood illnesses, infections and dermatitis.

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Lowered Health Care & Insurance Costs

Babies who are not breastfed visit the physician more often, spend more days in the hospital and require more prescriptions than breastfed infants.


One-day Absense to Care for Sick Children

One-day absences to care for sick children occur more than twice as often for mothers of formula fed infants.

One-day Absense to Care for Sick Children

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Supporting Employees Who Breastfeed Can Yield Substantial Dividends to the Company


Retain Experienced & Essential Employees

Employees are more likely to return to work after childbirth when their workplace provides a supportive environment for continued breastfeeding.


Higher Productivity & Loyalty

Employees whose companies provide breastfeeding support consistently report improved morale, better satisfaction with their jobs and higher productivity.


Marketing Benefits & Recruitment

Companies who are Infant Friendly will be listed on this website and the North Dakota Health & Human Services website.

This designation can also help attract new recruits who may be thinking of having a family in the near future.