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Overdimensional Vehicle Policy

The Overdimensional Vehicle Policy establishes the weight, width, length and height restrictions for vehicles operating on the City's streets.

Operators who wish to apply for an exception to the rules may submit an application to the City of Fargo Engineering Department. If the operator receives approval and pays the applicable fees, the operator will receive a special written permit authorizing the operation of vehicles that exceed the limits set forth in the Overdimensional Vehicle Policy Manual. To access the permit form, use the Permits link in the right margin of this page.

2017 Policy Revision

The City revised its Overdimensional Vehicle Policy in the spring of 2017. The new policy can be viewed using the link in the right margin. To obtain an overdimensional vehicle permit, as well as address any questions regarding the City's policy, email.

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Spring Load Restrictions Lifted May 16th, 2018

Effective Wednesday May 16, 2018 the City of Fargo Spring load restrictions were lifted and all roads have returned to regular weight restrictions.

More Information

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