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Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division, operated and managed as part of the Fargo Engineering Department, is comprised of the City's traffic engineer, design and inspection staff and Sign and Signal Shop operations.

What We Do:

  • Design, operate and maintain the City's traffic signal system
  • Install and maintain all regulatory, parking and warning signs
  • Maintain street striping and pavement markings
  • Conduct traffic studies
  • Construction administration of traffic signals and other traffic safety improvements
  • Coordinate and staff the City's Traffic Technical Advisory Committee
  • Review traffic-related features of plats and long-range planning
  • Coordinate federal aid for transportation network improvements

Major Operating Statistics:

  • Maintain striping and pavement markings on more than 300 miles of streets
  • Maintain approximately 23,000 signs
  • Operate 177 traffic signals and school/pedestrian flashers