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Special Assessments

Special assessments are different than property taxes. They are the method the city uses to pay for infrastructure improvements that benefit your property, such as water main replacement and flood protection projects. The cost of these projects is divided among properties that benefit from them.

The authority and guidance for using special assessment as a method of financing is established in Chapter 40 of the North Dakota Century Code (sections 22-27).

Not all city projects are paid for in this way; some are funded through the city's general revenue fund or general obligation bonds.

For more information about special assessments, review the links at left or contact the City of Fargo Engineering Office: Special Assessment Division. You can reach this division at 241-1326 or at the Contact Us link.

More resources

Our parcel information page allows you to see the assessments that apply to your property. Type in part or all of your address to view your information.

Find out about the city's Special Assessment Assistance Program.