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Discharging Your Sump Pump

Sump pump discharge may flow naturally to the nearest storm sewer inlet or it may flow through underground pipes to the inlets. Many homeowners and condo associations have installed French Drains to reduce the damage to their lawns and gardens from excess moisture.

Do not discharge your sump pump into window wells. This will cause the water to circulate back into your home, causing damage. Use downspouts to send rainwater away from your foundation. Slope your yard so rainwater does not flow toward your home. Taking these two steps will greatly reduce the amount of water that runs through your sump pump system.

Please do not connect your sump pump to the sanitary sewer system. It only takes a dozen of these connections to overwhelm the system and flood basements throughout your neighborhood during heavy rains.

City regulations require that your sump pump discharge into the yard or a storm sewer.

Waivers for sump pump discharge

Seasonal: A seasonal waiver allows property owners to discharge directly into the sanitary sewer between October 1 and March 31, when reduced flows are present in the sanitary sewer collection system. This is typically accomplished through a two-way discharge connection view JPEG from the sump pump. To obtain a seasonal waiver, call 701.461.SUMP (701.461.7867) or download a PDF version of the Sump Pump Waiver Form.

Send completed waiver requests to:

Wastewater Compliance
2301 8th Avenue N
Fargo, ND 58102

Fax: 701.461.7864

Non-seasonal waivers: In rare cases where the property owner can demonstrate unreasonable hardship due to unique or extenuating circumstances, including physical or handicap limitations, a non-seasonal waiver may be granted allowing the proper owner to be connected to the sanitary sewer without seasonal restrictions. To obtain a non-seasonal waiver, the property owner should submit a formal request in writing, including the property owner name, property address, and a detailed description justifying the need for a non-seasonal waiver. The formal request should be sent to the following address:

Wastewater Compliance
2301 8th Avenue N.
Fargo, ND 58102

Fax: 701.461.7864

The property owner will be notified in writing of the approval or denial of the non-seasonal waiver request. Non-seasonal waivers are subject to an additional monthly fee as set by Commission resolution. The additional fee shall be added to the property owner's monthly utility bill.