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Purchasing a Home

Fargo is a city of diverse neighborhoods. It is the largest city in the steadily growing Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area.

Building a New Home?

Buying an Existing House?

About Homeownership and Taxes in Fargo

Financing Your Home

The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency is a state agency dedicated to making housing affordable for North Dakotans. They have several homeownership programs which are listed below. For more information on these programs, please visit

  • Downpayment and Closing Cost Assistance: North Dakota Housing Finance Agency and NDHFA "START" program
  • FirstHome Program - a home mortgage with below-market interest rates available to low- to moderate-income homebuyers.
  • The HomeAccess Program provides low-interest mortgage loans to disabled, elderly and single-parent households.
  • North Dakota Roots - a homeownership incentive program targeted to new and returning North Dakotans.
  • Find a local lender (In criteria, search "Financial Services")