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Taking the First Step to Live Tobacco-Free

Congratulations! We are so glad you've decided to take the first step toward living tobacco-free and we are here to help. With a variety of options, including face-to-face counseling and web-based support, we're confident there's a resource that's right for you!

FREE Local Options

The Break Away from Nicotine (BAN) program at Fargo Cass Public Health offers free quitting resources to Cass County, N.D. residents.

The program includes personalized, face-to-face counseling and for residents over the age of 18, a limited supply of nicotine replacement therapy. Call 701.241.8576 to learn more.


FREE Face-to-face Counseling


Nicotine Replacement Therapy

NDQuits Resources

NDQuits also offers free options so you can find the plan that works best for you. All NDQuits services include free counseling and support as well as nicotine replacement products for those who qualify. A Quitting Quiz is available to estimate your level of commitment to quitting tobacco. Based on your score, you'll receive feedback on steps to start, restart, or continue your quit journey!

Call 1.800.QUIT.NOW (1.800.784.8669) for more information.

More Resources

There are also national resources available for individuals who want to quit smoking, chewing or vaping.