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Speeding on Residential Streets

The Fargo Police Department enforces speed limits in the City of Fargo and the Traffic Engineering division of the Engineering Department helps regulate neighborhood traffic with signs and posted speed limits.

To file a complaint about consistent speeding on a particular roadway, contact the District Police Commander assigned to your area or one of your beat officers. Fargo Police can work with neighborhoods to install speed awareness devices, modify patrol patterns, and recommend solutions to control speeding.

The city has an application process for traffic calming measures to be installed in neighborhoods. Examples of traffic calming tools include speed humps, raised crosswalks, median islands with landscaping, road narrowings and roundabouts. Please note that stop signs are not an approved traffic calming alternative. Learn more about traffic calming on the Traffic Engineering Division's pages.


The city's Traffic Engineering Division handles all requests related to signs and signals and can answer questions about signage for on-street parking in residential neighborhoods. You can find out how to request the following changes on the Traffic Engineering web site or by calling 701.241.1545.

  • Request a new stop sign
  • Request a new traffic signal
  • Changes to on-street parking in neighborhoods
  • Traffic calming / neighborhood traffic complaints

To report damage to signs and signals, malfunctioning signals, or burnt-out bulbs in signals, contact the Sign and Signal Shop at 701.241.1440.

Trucks and Construction zones

The Fargo Police Department and Public Works Departments cooperate in the monitoring of truck weight and construction zones. City code places limitations on truck weight by season and also sets the requirements for traffic flow in construction zones.

Contact the city's truck regulatory officer to file a complaint about overweight trucks or construction zone traffic violations.