Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for sidewalk construction and maintenance?

State Law requires property owners to install sidewalk adjacent to any property in the City's Right of Way. It is also the owner’s responsibility to properly maintain said sidewalk.

Who can install or repair sidewalk?

City ordinance requires that anyone installing sidewalk or performing repairs be licensed with the City of Fargo as a Sidewalk Contractor and must have a North Dakota general contractor's license. Any construction and repair of sidewalks and approaches that is in violation of this ordinance (i.e., by a non-licensed homeowner) will result in a $500 fine and the removal and replacement of the unauthorized work, the cost of which shall be special assessed on your property taxes.

The City of Fargo encourages homeowners to independently obtain estimates from licensed contractors in order to complete any necessary work. If you decide to have the work completed privately, please contact the City of Fargo Engineering Department so that your name can be removed from the City ordered project.

Can I request that additional sidewalk and/or approach replacement be completed as part of the City ordered project?

Yes. Any portion of the sidewalk or approach adjacent to your property and within the City of Fargo right-of-way can be removed and replaced as part of the City ordered project.

The City cannot replace any sidewalk and driveways on private property; however, you may contact the project contractor and request additional private work to be completed at your expense.

Does the replacement cost automatically get special assessed as part of my property taxes or can I pay the City directly?

After all contract work has been completed, the final project quantities and costs are sent to the Special Assessment Office. In the spring of the year a notice will be sent to you containing the amount of the special assessment. You will be able to pay the assessment in full and without interest within the time limit listed on the notice. Otherwise, it will be placed on your property taxes and paid over a twenty-year period, with interest.

The sidewalk panels marked are not cracked, but they are misaligned. Do I have to have them replaced or can I have them sand/mud jacked back into place?

The City of Fargo allows sand or mud jacking as a method to realign unbroken panels of sidewalk or approaches. The cost of the sand or mud jacking cannot be placed on your special assessments, and thus would be a direct out of pocket expense for the homeowner.

What should I do if I’ve observed deficient sidewalk?

You can easily report deficient sidewalk via the Streets/Sidewalks section at FargoOne.