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City Approach & Driveway Requirements

Please refer to the requirements below for the design and construction of driveways and approaches:

  • Residential driveways shall be no less than 9 feet wide and no more than 30 feet wide at the sidewalk line.
  • The maximum width for commercial and industrial driveways is 40 feet.
  • Driveways shall be located so as to provide access to a parking location within the property served.
  • Upon approval from the City Engineer, residential driveways may be constructed to either a maximum 36-foot width or a width equal to one-half the width of the lot.
  • Locations of driveways near block corners shall be approved by the City Engineer and shall be in accordance with the Fargo Land Development Code.
  • In no case shall the total width of a driveway into a property exceed one-half the lot width.