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Fargo City Commission Meeting Wrap-Up - 11.14.2022

In case you missed the November 14, 2022, Fargo City Commission meeting, here are a few highlights we would like you to know about.

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Fire Truck

The City of Fargo Authorizes Fargo Fire Department’s Request for Strategic Plan Development Services

In 2023, the Fargo Fire Department will update its Strategic Plan and has requested a sole source purchase request of facilitation and consultation services for this plan from the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) in the amount of $17,820. CPSE provides services through its Technical Advisor Program to ensure that the tenants of a quality strategic plan are accomplished while ensuring that all current and proposed relative international fire accreditation competencies are properly addressed. This sole source request was approved by the Finance Committee on October 31, 2022.

The City Commission voted 5-0 to authorize the Fargo Fire Department to make this sole purchase request in the amount of $17,820 for assistance with its Strategic Plan via the CPSE.

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NP Ave parking lot

The City of Fargo Holds a Hearing to Consider a Public Private Partnership to Build a Parking Garage Downtown

Proposed at the October 31, 2022 City Commission meeting, and moved to the November 14, 2022 meeting, a public hearing was held on the proposal to consider a public private partnership agreement with Great Plains NP Holdings, LLC to build and operate a parking garage to be located at 602-636 Northern Pacific Avenue in Downtown Fargo. This would be the fourth public private partnership between the City and a private developer to create a parking garage. Financing was discussed, available spaces (455) as well as the overall benefit to the public, Downtown and the City.

Following discussion, the City Commission voted 5-0 to move forward with this consideration.

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Recommendation Approved for Fargo Participation in the Red River Regional Dispatch Center Joint Powers Agreement

In 2001, Fargo, Moorhead, Cass County and Clay County entered into a Joint Powers Agreement to operate an Emergency Dispatch Center. West Fargo joined this agreement in 2010. Over the last 20 years, community growth has necessitated changes in the operations and administration of the Red River Regional Dispatch Center (RRRDC) and a review of the RRRDC Board of Authority was completed. Following this review, it was recommended to approve The City of Fargo participation in the RRRDC Joint Powers Agreement and to appoint Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney and Commissioner Denise Kolpack as Fargo members to serve on the RRRDC Board of Authority.

Upon review of this proposal, the City Commission voted 5-0 to approve the City’s participation in the RRRDC Joint Powers Agreement and to appoint Mayor Dr. Mahoney and Commissioner Kolpack to the RRRDC Board of Authority.

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Recommendation Approved to Authorize Negotiation of a Sewer Agreement with Commerce on I-29 Association

On October 17, City staff held a Brown Bag meeting following a request from the Commerce on I-29 Association to consider sewer service to serve a commercial development along I-29 and 100th Avenue South in Fargo. The development currently utilizes a private onsite sewer system; however, with growth, increased water usage and possible groundwater infiltration, a permanent solution is needed for wastewater. The proposal was made to work with the Cass Water Resource District (SE Cass WRD) to obtain a Clean Water State Revolving Loan to install infrastructure to The City of Fargo’s wastewater collection system. Commerce on I-29 would repay the debt service and a pay volumetric fee while The City of Fargo would own and operate the infrastructure.

The City Commission approved the recommendation to negotiate a sewer agreement with the Commerce on I-29 Association and for SE Cass WRD to provide the financing through a 4-1 vote.