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Fargo City Commission Meeting Wrap-Up - 04.01.2024

In case you missed the April 1, 2024, Fargo City Commission meeting, here are a few highlights we would like you to know about.

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City Commissioners Select Contractor for Installation of New Water Meters

The City of Fargo is working to modernize the water meters of its utility customers through an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project.

The project calls for the replacement of about 30,000 water meters with new digital meters. Installation is scheduled to start in the summer of 2024 and is expected to take two to three years to complete.

The new water metering system will provide several benefits once installed:
• Customer benefits: real-time water use information and bill transparency, as well as leak detection and notifications.
• City of Fargo benefits: enhanced customer service, improved metering data and operational efficiency.
• Water Utility benefits: support of the Red River Valley Water Supply Project and improved drought operations.

On Monday, the City Commission voted 4-0 to award the AMI project bid to contractor Sensus/Core & Main at a cost of $13.1 million. Since AMI is classified as a water conservation project, it is eligible for funding through a low-interest Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan. With improved water meter accuracy, it’s possible that the project could partially or fully pay for itself.

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City Commission Awards Contract for Street Improvements

The City of Fargo Engineering Department plans and coordinates street improvements across the city. This summer, asphalt mill-and-overlay work is scheduled for various locations:
• Third Street North to Broadway between 15th Avenue North and 19th Avenue North
• 15th Avenue North from Broadway to Elm Street North
• Broadway from Ninth Avenue North to 12th Avenue North
• Fourth Street North, Third Avenue North and Fifth Street North
• 14th Street North and NP Avenue North
• 23rd Street South and First Avenue South
• 23rd Street South, 12th Avenue South, 11th Avenue South, Ninth Avenue South and Sixth Avenue South
• 18th Street South to 21st Street South between Sixth Avenue South and 11th Avenue South
• 36th Street North between Main Avenue and Seventh Avenue North.

The Engineering Department received three bids for the work, with Northern Improvement Co. submitting the lowest bid of $2,550,072. On Monday, City Commissioners voted 4-0 to award the contract to Northern Improvement Co.

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Upgrade of Water Treatment Plant Filters to Enhance Drinking Water Quality

The City of Fargo’s Water Treatment Plant is upgrading its filters for treating drinking water. Half of the upgraded filters – three of six – went into service last week.

The startup process went well and water quality results have been excellent, according to Water Utility Director Troy Hall. The three remaining filters will be upgraded in the fall.

The project replaces equipment originally installed around 1997. The new filters utilize granular activated carbon to treat drinking water. An EPA grant program will fund 75% of the project.

City Commissioner Denise Kolpack, the Commission’s liaison to the Water Utility, shared this news at Monday’s meeting during her update to the Commission.

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City Commissioners Approve Contract for FPD Wellness Coordinator

The Fargo Police Department has hired a health and wellness coordinator who will work to enhance the department’s employee wellness initiatives. The City Commission voted 4-0 on Monday to approve a contract for the full-time civilian position.

The new health and wellness coordinator, Mary Krueger, will work with current teams and programs within the FPD and City to support employees’ overall wellness and mental health. She will help implement new programs, such as suicide awareness prevention training and screening practices, stress reduction and mindfulness training and Post Traumatic Growth training.

The wellness coordinator will develop training and coordinate supportive services for spouses and family members of officers. The coordinator will also support officers after critical incidents by ensuring officers are debriefed and checked on periodically after the incident to monitor for any long-term effects.

The wellness coordinator has been hired on a contractual basis for two years. During that time, the FPD will use a U.S. Department of Justice grant to help fund the position.

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New Lift Station in Trollwood Area to Receive Power Upgrade

As part of The City of Fargo’s ongoing efforts to maintain and upgrade its infrastructure, the Engineering Department is replacing two stormwater lift stations in the Trollwood area with one new larger lift station.

As part of this project, the new larger lift station will need the existing power service and transformer upgraded. The cost to have Xcel Energy perform the upgrade is $8,004.

The City Commission voted 4-0 on Monday to approve the expenditure.