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Water & Stormwater

Run-off from Neighbor's Yar

What we do in our yard can definitely affect our neighbors. The city has established criteria for stormwater management but, in most cases, it is the responsibility of the private property owner to see that internal drainage is dealt with in an appropriate manner so as not to cause damage to neighboring properties.

For new commercial construction, the city will check the locations where the project is tying in to the city's storm system. For residential construction, the city establishes rear-yard grades during the design of a new neighborhood (to facilitate underground utilities and roadway design). However, it is still the responsibility of the builder to see that those grades are met.

For remodeling projects or changes made to an existing property, there is no city review of on-site drainage. If you have a concern about the impact your neighbor's project (i.e., new driveway slab, new garage foundation) will have on your property, our first suggestion is that you talk about it with your neighbor. See if there is a solution that will meet both of your needs.

While there are a variety of options that may be available to correct the problem (ex., grading that will create a swale or open channel to move water, re-routing sources of discharge (hoses, downpouts), creating temporary or permanent on-site storage) the most important principle to keep in mind is that you treat neighboring properties as you would like your property treated by others.

Drainage issues are complex and often will not be resolved with one-sided solutions. This may mean that you will need to share both the problem and the solution with neighboring properties.

Plugged Storm Drain

Storm drains are located in the gutters of public streets, typically on the corner of an intersection. Public Works crews try to keep the drains clear of significant ice build-up during the winter months but, if your home is near a drain, your assistance in keeping it clear of debris and ice build up is appreciated.

Storm drains help clear water from the streets by providing a way for the water to enter the City's storm sewer system. If you have a concern about a storm drain near your property, contact the Fargo Street Department at 701.241.1453 or by email.

Runoff from Alley

The street department maintains gravel alleys in Fargo. Sometimes the build-up of gravel in an alley can cause drainage concerns. To talk to someone about alley drainage issues that affect your property, call 701.241.1453 or by email.

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