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Fargo Watering Restrictions

Fargo residents are reminded to follow watering restrictions when watering their lawns. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, residents should use their street address as a guide to when they can water. Residents whose addresses end in an odd number can water on odd-numbered days (1st, 3rd, 5th days of the month, etc.). Residents whose addresses end in an even number can water on even numbered days.

The only exception to these policies is for watering gardens, flowers and newly planted trees and shrubs. Residents with new seed or sod on their lawns may water it for 15 consecutive days.

By following watering restrictions, residents help our community maintain an adequate water supply during the summer months, when water is in high demand. Residents who continue to violate the policy after receiving a warning for noncompliance could have their water service disconnected. The fee to reconnect the service is $25.

Residents with questions about this policy can call the Water Filtration Plant at 701.241.1469.