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Fire Department Swearing In Ceremony

The Fargo Fire Department holds its members to a high standard and applicants are expected to meet a high standard as well.

Firefighter Applicant Prerequisites

To apply for a firefighter's position, applicants must have:

  • A valid driver's license
  • Sound mental and physical health
  • A high school diploma or GED
  • The ability to understand English when written or spoken

Applicant Testing Process

After an applicant is selected for the testing process by meeting the application prerequisites, the testing process includes:

  • A written examination
  • A physical agility test
  • An oral interview

If the applicant passes these first steps and receives a conditional job offer, the applicant can expect to complete:

  • A background investigation
  • A pre-employment drug screening
  • A psychological examination
  • A polygraph examination
  • An eye examination
  • A medical examination
  • A face piece fit test

Failure of any portion of the testing process or conditional employment process above disqualifies the applicant.

Fargo Firefighters Carrying a Ladder
Fargo Firefighters Carrying a Ladder

Job Expectations

Once hired by the Fargo Fire Department, members are expected to learn how to perform effectively as a firefighter and maintain that level of knowledge in a constantly changing environment and to maintain the physical ability to perform the physically demanding tasks of a firefighter. Learning is a way of life for a firefighter; learning does not end until a firefighter retires.

Initial Training

New firefighters will attend 16 weeks of training prior to being assigned to the operations division. Recruit firefighters are expected to learn the knowledge, skills and abilities of a firefighter during this initial training. Recruit firefighters cannot move to the operations division unless they have passed the Firefighter I, Firefighter II and EMT certification tests.

2023 Summer Joint Training Academy

Ongoing Career

Fargo firefighters are expected to maintain the knowledge and skills relevant to their position throughout their career. Members are also expected to be a positive contributor to the department's operations. Each year, members must complete many tasks that include:

  • Attend annual medical appointment
  • Attend annual mental wellness appointment
  • A physical ability test
  • Certification or recertification in the member's area of expertise
  • A minimum of 248 hours of continuing education