Giving Hearts Day

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Giving Hearts Day - 02.08.2024

Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour fundraising event for charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Since the first event began in 2008, generous donors have given more than $165 million; 100% of money donated goes directly to participating charities. Giving Hearts Day 2024 will be held on Thursday, February 8.

The following are The City of Fargo-related charities taking part in Giving Hearts Day 2024:


Badges of Unity Fund (Fargo Police Department)

The Badges of Unity Fund exists to foster a safer and brighter Fargo by uniting the entire community through the establishment of trusting relationships with the public and at-risk youth, while also enhancing supportive resources for The Fargo Police Department staff. Our commitment revolves around three core pillars: staff wellness, youth & community engagement and the expansion of resources for The Fargo Police Department.


Gladys Ray Shelter

The Gladys Ray Shelter provides low barrier, behavior based services to adults who are experiencing homelessness. Services are provided in a safe, comfortable and temporary environment to people who cannot access other shelter options in the community.