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Types of Neighborhood Organizations

There are several different types of organizations that will meet the definition of a "neighborhood group." Some of these organizations meet on a regular basis, some maintain formal membership lists and others are organized more loosely. The common characteristic is that they are all gathering places for people who live in a particular geographic area and share a similar concern.

Neighborhood Associations
A neighborhood association is a group of residents, business representatives and other interested stakeholders who work together to improve and enhance the neighborhood in which they live. People come together at the association meetings to exchange ideas, propose solutions, prioritize potential projects and generally talk about things that affect the neighborhood. Many neighborhood associations meet monthly to discuss neighborhood fundraisers, events that might enhance neighborhood pride, the publishing of directories and/or newsletters, etc.

Special Neighborhood Interest Groups
This type of organization is more focused than a general "neighborhood association." It is generally organized around a central issue or cause. The members of this organization come together to address a special issue about which they are all concerned, whether it is a school or a park or some other unifying issue. This type of organization is also organized within a definite geographic boundary.

Homeowners' Associations
Homeowners' associations usually represent a group of homeowners that live in homes built by the same builder. These groups meet regularly to work on issues that affect their particular housing development. Homeowners' associations usually have a formally-elected body and are governed by a set of rules that homeowners agree to when they purchase their home. These rules, or covenants, often govern construction regulations, membership/dues requirements, as well as a variety of other issues.

Block Clubs
Block clubs are sometimes organized under a Community Watch program but, in Fargo, they are just another way of getting to know the people who live closest to you. These groups are usually organized at the block level, but occasionally a number of block groups will join together to be part of an area-wide neighborhood association. These organizations are a great tool for getting to know your neighbors and the area in which you live.