Water Mains Hero

Mains & Hydrants Department

The Mains & Hydrants Department maintains the city's water distribution system including water mains and service lines. Personnel also repair and replace the city's fie hydrants, gate valve, and curb stops.

The water main replacement program has significantly reduced water main failures since it began in 1992. Visit our charts page to view the decreases in failures.

Corrosion caused by Fargo's aggressive soils ranks as the top reason for water main failure. Mains made of PVC plastic are used to replace those made from cast iron in order to mitigate this issue.

Report a Water Main Break

Water bubbling up in the street may be due to a water main failure.

To report a problem, call:

Historical Charts

The following charts show the history of water main and water service line failures in the City of Fargo. The water main failures have been recorded since 1948 and water service failures since 1960. Service failures are failures of the line that delivers water from the water main to the curb stop. Failures in private service lines (from the curb stop to the building) are the responsibility of the property owner to repair, and are not recorded.